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La misión de la Biblioteca Pública de West Warwick es promover los intereses de lectura y el aprendizaje permanente de los ciudadanos de West Warwick y de todos los demás usuarios al proporcionar acceso gratuito y abierto a una variedad de recursos, materiales y materiales culturales, intelectuales e informativos. servicios.

How The Update Affects You

The transition to Koha will migrate all patrons' library card accounts. We're working our hardest to make this swap the least inconveniencing as possible. Here's a quick guide to the changes you'll see:


  • Koha goes live on Monday, May 22.

  • If you visit the library on Wednesday, May 17 you must bring your card to checkout materials since our system will be down.

  • The library will be CLOSED on Friday, May 19 and Saturday, May 20 for staff training.

  • You WILL NOT be able to access the online catalog on May 18 through May 21.

  • You will see differences in our catalog interface when you go online and browse for materials to borrow.

  • Your PIN number will reset and must be changed.

  • "My List", "Preferred Searches", and all linked accounts will wipe. We recommend exporting these lists or writing them down!

  • NOTE: Your entire "Reading History" log WILL transfer over to the new Koha system!

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